M&B unveils ads for Rockingham

Michaelides & Bednash has launched its debut work for the new rival

to Formula One racing, Rockingham.

The agency has been charged with developing the branding and advertising

campaign for Championship Auto Racing Teams, the US equivalent of

Formula One. The campaign aims to target outgoing, adventurous

twentysomethings in a bid to build the sport's profile in the UK.

The ads, which brand the event as the Rockingham 500, roll out this

weekend and consist of press, poster and TV executions.

The press work takes the form of stylised illustrations showing the race

itself and also the entertainment that's on offer after the event has

finished - such as DJs and live bands.

The two TV commercials, which break on Eurosport, are shot in a

documentary style with interviews of the drivers asking what it feels

like to be out on a track driving at more than 200mph.

The drivers also point out strange distractions that can lead to

disaster such as sneezing or getting a bee stuck in your helmet.

Paul O'Neill, a partner at M&B, said: "Our brief is to reframe motor

racing; to get new people going to motor racing. We tried to create

engaging material that draws people into the event." M&B is trying to

position the event as something that is more than sport and organisers

have planned an after-race party that will include dance acts such as

Groove Armada and Massive Attack.

The ads were art directed by Jim Bolton and written by Chas Bayfield

from Arkwright. The design and typography was by Dave Jenner and

illustration by Mark Swan. Media buying is through John Ayling &

Associates but planning is handled by M&B.

M&B picked up the task in May. The brand development specialist has been

appointed by the £40 million Northamptonshire venue Rockingham to

spearhead oval racing's challenge to Formula One as the premier

autosport within the UK.