M&C Saatchi to raise awareness of RNID with moving poster

LONDON - The RNID is launching an interactive outdoor campaign that uses moving posters that react to sounds around them.

Set on outdoor TV screens with microphones embedded in them, the posters’ messages are coded to appear as different visualisations of sound, such as a soundwave or a graphic equaliser.

If there is no sound, the message does not appear.

Created by M&C Saatchi, the work is based on a finding that one in seven people are hearing impaired.

The campaign uses a set of negative straplines that dramatise the parts of life that people with hearing problems would still prefer to hear than not, such as 1 in 7 people would love to hear that their partner’s ex was a better lover. 

Lines of copy can be amended to suit the area in which the digital poster site is positioned – such as outside a gig.