M&G Group reviews its through-the-line work

M&G Group, the financial services company owned by Prudential, is

reviewing its £5 million through-the-line account.

The company is looking to build a roster of agencies to work alongside

the current incumbent, TDA, a Cheltenham-based direct marketing agency.

M&G is looking to appoint agencies with strengths in advertising,

promotional activity and direct and interactive work.

TDA, along with the interactive agency Interactive One, has been

responsible for all of M&G's activity, which is dominated by press

advertising. However, John Goddard, who recently arrived at M&G as the

central marketing director, is talking to agencies to build a roster to

hand work out on a project-by-project basis.

Last year, M&G parted company with ehsrealtime after a dispute over

payment. It then brought in TDA to handle communications on products

including ISAs, unit trusts and bonds, as well as corporate


Goddard said he expects to have completed the roster selection within

three months. He added: "We are happy with TDA but also realise on an

ongoing basis that there will be project work for other agencies. We

will continue to use TDA but as our needs change we will require

above-the-line, below-the-line and promotions agencies if projects are

not the speciality of TDA or Interactive One."

Last year M&G spent more than £4 million on press advertising with

its largest spend on corporate bond products and investments in managed

growth funds.

Prudential bought M&G in March 1999. M&G runs autonomously within the

group and did not take part in a recent roster review of Prudential's DM

and insurance advertising. Inferno won the insurance ad brief with

direct marketing split between Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel,