M2M launches teaser campaign for Bradley Cooper film

Omnicom's M2M has created an underground teaser campaign for Momentum Pictures, which promotes the upcoming film 'Limitless', starring Robert de Niro and 'The Hangover' actor Bradley Cooper.

The ad launched this week. It encourages readers to take a pill that will make you access "100% of your mind". It is accompanied by a warning about its side effects, which include "brain damage" and "irreversible coma".

In the film, Cooper plays an unsuccessful writer who is transformed by Clear Pill, a revolutionary new pharmaceutical, which allows him to use 100% of his mind and become a perfect version of himself.

IM2M has launched the campaign on Tube carriage panels, the natural home of long-copy, mind-and-body-enhancing advertisers.

A spokesman for M2M said: "Based on the power of the Clear Pill as an idea in itself, M2M has created a campaign that makes Clear Pill the hero of the campaign, behaving like a disreputable pharmaceutical company."

The ad uses a photo of Bradley Cooper holding a pill and the strapline that drives readers to a website where they can access early tickets for film screenings.

The campaign is supported by in-game advertising on Xbox, messages on the Men's Health website, a Facebook page, and national press teasers.

According to M2M, the teaser has seen 1,000 tickets for the first round of screenings sell out after the first official day of activity.

M2M launches teaser campaign for Bradley Cooper film