MAA demands fair treatment for agencies during pitches

The Marketing Agencies Association has called for marketers to give feedback to agencies within five working days after a pitch.

Knox: issuing guidelines due to increasing naïvety from brands
Knox: issuing guidelines due to increasing naïvety from brands

The demand is part of new guidelines to help inexperienced procurement professionals adopt "fair and reasonable pitch practice" .

The MAA’s Pitch On A Page also asks that no more than three shops are taken to pitch. For chemistry meetings, the MAA recommends calling in just six shops. The one-page document will be on the MAA’s website and also calls for clients to be open to tissue meetings throughout a pitch process.

Scott Knox, the managing director at the MAA, said the body had published the guidance because "increasingly we have situations where naïvety comes into play".

He cited the example of the German personal-care company Beiersdorf, which postponed a below-the-line review in August last year after the MAA criticised its procedures.

Knox told Campaign: "This is a pragmatic approach to naïvety. In fairness to procurement, you have sometimes got someone buying tyres and then they are told to sort out the company’s digital agencies, and they are just as in the dark as anybody else."