MacDonald moves to StrawberryFrog

Gavin MacDonald, who produced the Grand Prix winner at this year's

Scottish IPA Effectiveness Awards, has joined Amsterdam's StrawberryFrog

agency as its first head of planning.

His arrival marks a fresh stage in the development of the two-year-old

shop, which works extensively with networks of freelance creatives.

MacDonald, who has one full-timer and a part-timer working with him,

will use a similar way of working to build up the agency's planning


MacDonald, 36, compared the experience to "working in a World War II

resistance cell". He said: "You have a group of people who don't know

each other but can be used for jobs as and when they come up."

StrawberryFrog's major clients include Sprint, the US-based telecoms

supplier, whose global launch is being handled by the agency, UPC, a

European cable company, and Credit Suisse.

"I was the deputy head of planning at Leith and wasn't looking for a

move but StrawberryFrog represents a new challenge," MacDonald said. "It

doesn't have lots of staff and high overheads but concentrates on

thinking fast and acting quickly."

He added: "It's refreshing and makes for simple ideas that will work as

well in Italy and Norway as the UK."

MacDonald joined BMP DDB as a planner in 1989, working across a range of

accounts including Volkswagen. He co-authored BMP's 1996 Ad

Effectiveness Awards silver award-winning paper for Walker's crisps

shortly after the introduction of the campaign featuring Gary Lineker.