Macleans Mouthguard poster debut

SmithKline Beecham has continued its shift to a mixed media advertising strategy by launching its first poster campaign for Mouthguard active mouthwash.

SmithKline Beecham has continued its shift to a mixed media

advertising strategy by launching its first poster campaign for

Mouthguard active mouthwash.

Created by Grey for the usually TV-focused pharmaceuticals giant, the

nationwide six-sheet campaign breaks on 5 May. It is designed to inform

people of the benefits of using mouthwash, and to give those who have

tried and rejected other mouthwashes a reason for trying Mouthguard.

’The average mouth contains over one billion germs,’ warns one poster,

which features a young man wearing a surgical face mask. Another, in a

similar vein, shows a woman with a peg on her nose and the line: ’Over

9,589,004 cloves of garlic are eaten every day.’ The posters will be

supported in London by copy-only tubecards.

The posters were written by Alan Curson and art directed by David

George, while photography was by David Stewart. Media for the pounds 1

million campaign was planned and bought by Jason Theodore at


Macleans, the SmithKline company that produces Mouthguard, is running

the posters and tubecards to keep the brand profile high in between its

normal bursts of TV advertising. Macleans’ TV work revolves around a

spaceship commander and his female computer companion, ’Mac’. A

Mouthguard ’Mac’ TV ad is scheduled for later in the year.

Although the mouthwash market is small in the UK - around pounds 58

million compared with pounds 270 million for toothpaste - it is

considered an area ripe for expansion, especially by the big brands, as

it is dominated at present by own-label products.


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