Magazine ABCs July-Dec 2006: Film and music

The mainstream rock title Q celebrated its 20th birthday in 2006.

Much has changed in the music market since 1986, including the emergence of an MP3 generation, which is consigning the CD format to history.

Stuart Williams, the publishing director of Emap Metro, says Q's circulation fall is partially down to its decision to stop covermounting CDs six months ago. "We reached a point where including CDs was almost as expensive as producing the magazine and wasn't impacting sales enough."

Q's brand heritage is to showcase the biggest names in music, Williams says. Negotiating CD rights issues for big-name artists was too expensive. Conversely, titles such as IPC's Uncut can afford to include covermounts on almost every issue. "Unlike Q, the artists are often untapped and welcomed by an audience on a grand voyage of discovery," Williams adds.

The lack of blockbuster films in the past six months has left little for the film titles to shout about. Emap's Empire saw a minor period-on-period rise, outstripping its Future rival Total Film, whose circulation has fallen to 86,036.

Verdict Titles such as Kerrang!, which has successfully exploited cross-platform media, will continue to benefit. Upcoming blockbusters such Spiderman 3 and Transformers will bring the film titles back into the black.

TITLE PUBLISHER Total ABC Period-on- Year-on-
period year
% change % change
Empire Emap 175,854 0.1 -7.6
Q Emap 140,282 -11.4 -16.8
Mojo Emap 114,183 -6.2 -5.3
Uncut IPC 93,678 5.5 -14.9
Total Film Future 86,036 -5.5 -5.1
Kerrang! Emap 85,377 6.5 12.1
NME IPC 73,008 -1.6 -4.9
Classic Rock Future 62,699 11.9 25.3
Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations, July-December 2006.