Maher Bird plays on basic emotions with Mercedes-Benz ads

Maher Bird Associates has created a poster campaign for

Mercedes-Benz which aims to overcome the brand's expensive image and

laud its van range as an affordable option.

The company claims that potential owners assume Mercedes vehicles are

significantly more expensive than the competition and consequently out

of the price range of an "ordinary" business. This results in Mercedes

not being included on their shortlist.

The ads take the form of graphics on the side of small-business vans

coming to life and showing their frustration at the vehicle they are

stuck with. One execution shows the sign "The Chirpy Chippy" with a

furious cartoon carpenter sawing into the bonnet.

A second execution shows "The Jolly Baker" jumping up and down on his

chef's hat, while the third has the "Happy Gardener" kicking one of his

plant pots. All ads use the strapline: "Could've been a Mercedes."

"We thought the best way of communicating the price message was to play

on the basic human emotion of being less than happy when you've made a

big mistake - like buying an ordinary van when you could have had a

Mercedes van," Graham Kerr, the MBA chairman and creative director,


The ads will run as 48-sheets as well as in the national and business

press. They were written and art directed by Simon Davenport and Martin

Pierson. Media planning and buying is through BJK&E.