Mahou takes Spanish experience across the UK

Six-week Mahou 'sundown series' will have music and tapas.

Mahou: event series celebrates Spanish culture
Mahou: event series celebrates Spanish culture

Spanish beer brand Mahou is presenting different aspects of Madrid’s culture to UK audiences through a series of events.

The six-week 'sundown series' begins on 17 June, and will be led by a 'Mahou Maestro', a specialist brand representative.

Hosted in London, Manchester and Liverpool, guests have the opportunity to gain insider knowledge of Madrid, celebrate tapas culture, create street-style art and explore Madrid's music.

The "authentic Madrileño" experience will include guests attempting to pour a "perfect Mahou" pint.

The events aim to build on the brand's campaign in London last summer that helped to introduce the beer.
Phoebe Small, Mahou brand manager, said: "Spanish beer has experienced a surge in popularity in the UK in recent years and so we wanted to curate a moment where drinkers could immerse themselves in the story and heritage of the most well-loved beer of Madrid, Mahou."