Maiden Outdoor to lose name to Titan

The Maiden Outdoor name is to disappear from the UK market after 80 years.

Maiden's new owner, the US company Titan Outdoor, has replaced the Maiden name with Titan Outdoor Limited.

This follows Titan's acquisition of Maiden last week at a price of 20 pence a share. Bill Apfelbaum, the chairman of Titan and the former boss of TDI in the UK, was behind the decision to change the name.

Titan's decision to replace the Maiden brand follows a similar move in the Irish market, where Titan recently took over Maiden's portfolio of sites.

A new-look management team, headed by the chief executive, David Pugh, will take Maiden forward. Pugh, formerly the managing director at Maiden, is expected to be announced as the replacement for the outgoing chief executive, Ron Zeghibe.

Alison Reay, the former Yahoo! commercial director, and Andy Moug, a former sales director at Viacom Outdoor, are in line to be appointed joint managing directors.

- Headliner, page 9.