The making of an ad: Absolut's 'One night' celebrates the power of creativity

Watch Absolut and BBH London discuss their new campaign which aims to spark creativity.

The campaign is lead by a 60-second film, directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, which takes us on a journey through time starting with the Big Bang.

Absolut's global comms director, Gaia Gilardini, discussed how the brand wants to encourage an audience to think "that their creative thinking can impact a positive tomorrow". 

BBH's executive creative director, Ian Heartfield, said the film reflects Absolut's belief that "creativity can make the world a better place".

The ad was produced by BBH's Victoria Keenan, who explained how Lubezki came up with the idea of being propelled through the images of the film to create an immersive experience.

Seven additional artists created work which will be showcased throughout the brand's digital campaign.