Malibu takes inspiration from drinks for games event

'Tropical paradise' will feature game zones and bar.

Malibu: hosted a celebrity games event earlier this year
Malibu: hosted a celebrity games event earlier this year

Malibu is creating an event featuring mental and physical team challenges inspired by three of its beverages.

The "Malibu games" will consist of a series of competitions that will test speed and agility. The zones are inspired by Malibu Original Coconut, Malibu Passion Fruit and its new product, Malibu Strawberry Spritz.

For the "Not So Coconut Shy" game, contestants will be timed as they collect as many coconuts as possible. Meanwhile, the "Strawberry Sprint" requires players to leap across podiums set above a ball pit while dodging giant swinging strawberries. Teams will need to work together in the "Passionfruit Prism" by collecting purple tokens in the quickest time to gain a place on the leaderboard.

There will also be a Malibu beach bar, where guests can sample the drinks that inspired the games. A DJ will provide the music at the bar, which is also open to non-players.

The games experience is 45 minutes long and tickets include two post-challenge drinks. The event will take place at Liverpool’s Great Baltic Warehouse for five days from 7 August.

It follows the "Malibu games" in the Dominican Republic, in which 31 celebrities and social influencers competed. The contest is available to view through the Malibu website.