Man vs machine: how AI is changing the world of sport

We spoke to Nick Thain, chief executive of sports news outlet GiveMeSport, about the increasing role of technology and AI in sport and sports media.

Chairing a panel at Mindshare's Huddle, Thain spoke about how GiveMeSport is using AI to best serve content to its millenial audience and how it is helping to filter out fake news.

He said  "Lots of the social networks are getting quite cluttered and Facebook AI is trying to prioritise the content that it serves to its users.

"So for us on our side we have got our AI to dance with their AI, then it gives us a better competitior advantage to stay relevant and in front of the sports fans."

Speaking in terms of the game, tennis legend Boris Becker said "Obviously speaking from a human element, I do have a heartbeat, a machine doesn't, I do have fears, I do have doubts, I'm emotional.

"On the other hand I can change live in the moment the strategy of a match, whereas because a machine is programmed, it has to stick with it."