Manning Gottlieb to handle Govt's £4m adult literacy drive

Manning Gottlieb Media has been appointed to handle media strategy

for the Government's £4 million adult literacy drive.

The agency has been selected by COI Communications to work alongside St

Luke's on a campaign to help reverse the decline in adult literacy and

numeracy skills.

The TV and press campaign, which will break later this month, will

attempt to persuade people who have left the education system to

continue improving their skills through government-backed courses or

private study.

It is Manning Gottlieb's first piece of COI business following its

recent appointment to the media strategy roster along with seven other


The agency will work for the Department for Education and Skills. Labour

made a commitment in its election manifesto to reduce the number of

people unable to read or write in the UK and will spend about £200

million on various initiatives by 2004.