Marilyn Manson says he wants to appeal to new fans

Marilyn Manson, the American rock star, has highlighted the importance of authenticity in brands at the Cannes Lions festival today.

Marilyn Manson: in coversation at Cannes Lions 2015
Marilyn Manson: in coversation at Cannes Lions 2015

In an interview with Tor Myhren, the worldwide chief executive at Grey Group, Manson said that he had decided on his style, brand and booked his first show before he created his first song.

When asked whether he is an entertainer or a musician, Manson replied: "I’m worried that my music will overshadow my image."

He told the audience of advertisers and ad agencies that people need to be able to believe in the brand. He said: "It’s easy to fake it. My name is made of two fake names. I created a fake vacuum that became so real. Now you can’t sell something that is not wanted."

Manson also advised brands to stay true to themselves. He said: "I don’t believe you can ever get lazy enough about your fan base. A lot of people say they want to appeal to fans, but I want to make new fans I want people who didn’t like me before to listen to my music."

He explained that when he was growing up he listened to The Beatles and David Bowie but didn’t really know a lot about the musicians' lives. Manson added: "But the culture of celebrity has changed this. It’s more difficult to not empty the bucket of mystery. There’s a lot of people who know about your life."

Manson said he took up painting as a hobby and to help him relax. He said that his intention was not to sell or exhibit the work; he found that people don’t think about the painter, they just take in painting.

Manson also shared advice his father gave him when he was younger: squirt lemon on a woman and if she screams she has a disease, if she doesn’t you can have sex with her; and fire someone when you’re the boss in a new job.

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