Mark Wood leaves rejigged Sky Media

Mark Wood, Sky Media's long-serving commercial director, is leaving without a job to go to, following a restructure of the company's sales division.

The restructure was initiated by Sky Media's managing director, Nick Milligan, in a bid to put more emphasis on its advertisers ahead of the annual round of TV negotiations due at the end of the year.

The sales division's operations have been streamlined into three separate departments, which will each be headed by a different Sky Media executive.

The research division will be run by the managing director, Paul Curtis; the insight division by the head of insight, Jeremy Testa, while Richard Hawking, the head of operations, will run the airtime operations division.

Sky Media is also preparing to publish the first findings of a research project that attempts to link the TV viewing and buying patterns of a panel of 20,000 Sky subscribers. The results will be released this autumn, ahead of the TV negotiation season.

Milligan joined Sky Media in early 2004 and set about restructuring the company. In October that year, its sales director, Mark Chippendale, announced he was leaving the company. He was quickly replaced by Curtis, who worked with Milligan at the broadcaster five.