Market research professional Jackie McCarry awarded top honours

LONDON - E.On Energy senior research manager Jackie McCarry has been awarded a double distinction by the Market Research Society after taking a double certificate in market and social research by distance learning.

Her achievement has been recognised by the Worshipful Company of Marketors, a city of London livery company comprising members from the marketing industry, which has given McCarry an award for her achievement.

McCarry scored highest in the exam and integrated assignment, which pitched her against students from around the world.

McCarrry has nine years' experience in market research, including stints at Express Newspapers and Pearl and Dean.

Peter Goudge, the master of the Marketors and fellow of the MRS, said: "I am personally delighted that the renewal of this award marks a new stage in the sense of shared purpose between the Marketors and the MRS.

"And I would particularly like to congratulate Jackie on her success as she is working on the client side, in a world where the plaudits are more likely to be handed out to those in agencies.

"Apart from the numerical supremacy of agency researchers, agencies will inevitably provide a greater level of support for students since research is their sole focus, whereas client companies are supporting a vast array of studies."