Marketers' predictions 2016: Sky Media's Rachel Bristow on bringing it all together

Rachel Bristow, director of client relationships and collaboration at Sky Media, says brands must find ways to understand data across multiple platforms in 2016.

Sky Media's Rachel Bristow on bringing it all together
Sky Media's Rachel Bristow on bringing it all together

With the unrelenting increase of platforms and opportunities, the challenge for advertisers in 2016 is how to integrate and understand cross-platform impact and effectiveness.

But with the scale, quality and accessibility of data now available, understanding this multiscreen behaviour is more achievable than ever.

As with all these changes, often the biggest challenge is to deliver new thinking to new problems – being prepared to be brave, to test and learn when these opportunities come along. We want to continue to make TV more relevant to more brands – reminding them that TV remains the most used, trusted and effective screen there is.

We also want to enable them to deliver seamless campaigns across TV and online through Sky AdVance; we think our 3m-homes viewing panel provides advertisers with an understanding they’ve always strived for. We mustn’t forget that, without great creative and storytelling, it just doesn’t work.

So it’s about bringing it all together to deliver compelling and effective advertising for everyone. For me personally, it’s keeping up to speed with all these changes, keeping that work/email/life balance as it should be.

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