"Marketing to football fans? You really can't be bland or boring"

Campaign talks to Engine Sport's managing director Lisa Parfitt about coaching an under 10s football team, the thrill of following Jacqui Oatley and marketing to football fans

Football is one of the largest and most spirited communities on Twitter. People find football news first on the platform, share their passion and loyalty and spark powerful conversation to drive awareness and inspire change. 

One of those people is Lisa Parfitt. Parfitt is managing director at Engine Sport, a level 1 FA coach to under 10s team Milford Pumas, a board member for Women In Football , and a mum to two football loving kids. She knows the sport better than most and that’s why we picked her brains to find out what Twitter means to football fans, what makes them tick and what they want from brands.  

She believes Twitter is "perfect" for the football community: "It’s day by day, hour by hour, there isn’t a single second where a piece of football news doesn’t land. And it’s hard to think where those conversations were happening before Twitter." 

And she believes the opportunity for brands to tap this community has never been so ripe: "You see people like Raheem Sterling talking about racism, and the many women pushing forward gender equality – there’s so many opportunities for brands to make a demonstrable difference. But you’ve got to think about it strategically as well as there are some quick fixes that don’t always work, you’ve got to think about the long term."

Watch the full video for insights on the football community and brand tips for marketing to the football lovers.