Marketing Society's study shows drop in advertising's status

Britain's agencies were given a wake-up call this week by a survey revealing massive concerns by clients about what they believe is advertising's diminishing power to reach cynical consumers.

Nine out of ten taking part in a Marketing Society poll say they believe traditional advertising's influence has diminished during the past five years and will continue to do so.

At the same time, 80 per cent of those questioned predicted that PR would grow in importance over the next five years while only 47 per cent believed the same was true of TV, print and radio advertising.

In the survey, e-mail and guerrilla marketing, sponsorship, direct mail and events and exhibitions achieved better scores than above-the-line advertising in terms of their increasing importance.

However, Andrew Marsden, Britvic's marketing chief, said the findings needed to be kept in perspective.

"What matters isn't the nature of the media but the amount of creativity you put into it," he said.

- Perspective, p21.