Marmite "Marmite gene project" by Adam & Eve/DDB

This hilarious TV ad by Adam & Eve/DDB is part of a Marmite campaign that proves people's love or hate for the product is in their genes.

Marmite commissioned a scientific study that found people are born genetically more likely to have a taste preference for Marmite, backing up the brand’s long-time "Love it or hate it" marketing slogan. People can also order their own gene testing kits to find out whether they’re born a lover or hater. A TV ad, directed by James Rouse through Outsider, debuted during The X Factor and shows various characters discovering their test results. The film is chock-full of witty lines and Rouse’s signature comedic touch. It was created by Till Diestel, Nick Sheppard and Tom Webber.


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