Marmite rescues Dean Gaffney in new online ad

Dean Gaffney, the former EastEnders actor, appears in a new campaign for Marmite that sees the brand rescue the forgotten celebrity.

The campaign, "search and rescue", was created by W Communications and was released online yesterday.

The ad opens with Gaffney performing magic in a deserted working men’s club in North London, until a member of the Marmite rescue team saves Gaffney and a team of stylists and agents rehabilitate him into a brand sleek-looking spokesman.

The ad fits within the brand’s existing "neglect" campaign, which was created by Adam & Eve/DDB and released in 2013. The agency still works on Marmite's main, above-the-line advertising and is expected to release a campaign in the summer.

Gaffney said: "I can’t believe just two weeks ago I was a ‘lost’ member of the working men’s club circuit and now look at me! I genuinely owe Marmite everything for saving me.

"It’s with the greatest of pleasure that I’m going to be encouraging the nation to save Marmite too. Together, we will rise up against the spectre of Marmageddon."
The new ad was scripted by a team at W Communications and directed by Push through Gas & Electric.