Marmite rescues 'neglected' z-list celeb Dean Gaffney in YouTube spot

Marmite sent its "Neglect Squad" to rescue former Eastenders actor Dean Gaffney from an embarrassing gig in an empty working man's club as part of its end #Marmiteneglect campaign.

Marmite: Dean Gaffney
Marmite: Dean Gaffney

The spread, which consumers famously love or hate, has created a YouTube spot that shows Marmite's helpline being tipped off about the neglected soap actor.

Gaffney is seen performing magic tricks to an empty room before a squad member enters to rescue him, approaching him with caution and urging "It's OK, I'm here to help", before Dean responds in disbelief: "You know who I am?"

The spot is part of Marmite's campaign to urge consumers not to "neglect" the spread. It builds on earlier campaigns that see the squad re-homing forgotten jars.

Brand: Marmite