MasterClass shows off its star-studded instructors

The "Now You" campaign, created by Anomaly, features Gordon Ramsay, Simone Biles, Serena Williams and more.

MasterClass offers an array of courses ranging from writing and sports to science and wellness. But the real draw is its celebrity-laden instructors. 

In the spot "Now You," a woman watches a cooking class taught by Gordon Ramsay. She finds herself transported into his kitchen, where he gives her hands-on advice about pasta making. 

Then, she takes race car driver Lewis Hamilton’s vehicle for a spin, while singing along with Alicia Keys in the passenger seat. The woman also receives a drumming lesson from Ringo Starr, acting classes from Helen Mirren and a gymnastics lesson from Simone Biles. 

She wraps up her day with a tennis lesson from Serena Williams.