Maynards' Discovery Patch sweets bridge real and AR worlds

Maynards is launching a range of "augmented reality sweets" called Discovery Patch, which use a free-to-download smartphone app to let parents and children interact with a cast of 3D animated characters in their own home.

Maynards: unveils AR app for kids and parents
Maynards: unveils AR app for kids and parents

After downloading the iOS or Android app to their smartphone or tablet, users can scan the Maynards logo on the front of each pack. Animated "character pieces" then appear superimposed through the device's viewfinder.

Children must search around their environment for the various character pieces, answer relevant questions and go "on a journey of exploration and discovery".

Maynards and its agency Hi Mum! Said Dad has produced a 60-second video explaining how the app works and how each pack of Discovery Patch "unlocks a new discovery experience".

The fruit-flavoured sweets come in a range of pack types: Animals; Myths & Monsters; Mini Creatures; and BodyBits.

Lizzy Huelsmann, Mondelez International’s senior brand manager of candy, said: "We’re hoping to drive penetration amongst families with our unique and imaginative Maynards Discovery Patch launch.

"We think the fun shapes and delicious taste will make it something that families will love, giving their imagination something to chew on."