MCBD creates 2003 self-assessment spot

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy has developed a new £7 million integrated campaign for COI Communications aimed at getting people to complete their Inland Revenue self-assessment forms.

Once again, the former Tomorrow's World presenter Adam Hart-Davies fronts the campaign. The launch TV ad "catapult" breaks this week.

The TV execution will be supported by radio, press, on-line, leaflets, direct marketing and point-of-sale advertising.

The agency hopes to build on the success of last year's debut offering for the Inland Revenue, which achieved the highest number of tax returns filed on time since self-assessment began.

In the beginning of "catapult", we see Hart-Davies sitting in a chair on a grassy hillside. He says: "Humans sometimes like to sit and do nothing, but that's not always the best policy."

He gets up and walks towards a different seat while saying: "Because if you dig out your tax return and send it to the Inland Revenue by 30 September, they'll work out the tax return for you."

The camera pulls back to reveal he is seated in a giant reverse bungee ride. So then you can do something a bit more exciting," he adds, before being catapulted into the air.

The TV ad was art directed by Paul Briginshaw, and copywriting by Malcolm Duffy. David Lodge directed through Outsider. Media buying is through MediaCom and planning was in-house.

Ian Schoolar, the director of communications at the Inland Revenue, said: "By being empathetic and couching the task in ways that people will identify, the campaign brings the 'tax doesn't have to be taxing' proposition to life in an engaging way."