MCBD scoops £7m Vision Express and Edge

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy has picked up two new accounts, beating Publicis to the £7 million Vision Express brief, as well as landing the £4 million Edge business.

MCBD beat Publicis in a final shoot-out for the optical retailer's business, and saw off Quiet Storm and The Engine Group for Edge.

Edge is an educational foundation that is seeking to change perceptions of vocational and practical learning opportunities among young people, parents and educational stakeholders.

Via a mixture of through-the-line communications, with an estimated spend of £4 million a year for three years, MCBD will be charged with informing the scheme's core audience about its benefits, as well as engaging them in imaginative ways of promoting the vocational debate.

A backer of the foundation is MT Rainey, who was included on the client panel and watched all the pitches.

The Vision Express win will see the agency being briefed to create an integrated TV campaign that will focus on building the brand, as it looks to cut into the dominance of the market leader Specsavers.

Helen Calcraft, an MCBD founding partner, said: "Vision Express is a dynamic and ambitious company with a great and strong brand. We are thrilled to have been chosen to be part of that."

Karen Williams, the head of marketing for Vision Express, said: "The appointment demonstrates our ambition to capitalise on our successful optical business and strengthen our brand."