MCBD snatches digital radio advertising task

LONDON - Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy has won an advertising brief from the Digital Radio Development Bureau to promote digital radio to consumers, following a pitch against three undisclosed agencies.

6 Music…the BBC has promoted its digital radio stations
6 Music…the BBC has promoted its digital radio stations

The DRDB is the trade body responsible for championing digital radio and driving the uptake of Digital Audio Broadcasting in the UK.

MCBD will launch a radio and retail campaign in the summer in one region of the UK, spearheaded by Tony Moretta, the chief executive of the DRDB.

The next step will be a heavy consumer push for DAB in the run-up to Christmas. That campaign is expected to be on a national scale.

Up until now, the DRDB has not run its own ad campaigns, although the BBC has created above-the-line work to promote its own digital radio station profile and DAB.

In its most recent campaign, which ran before Christmas 2008, the broadcaster produced a series of ads suggesting that a digital radio would make a wonderful gift.

MCBD is also working with Moretta to put together a strategy to increase investment in the platform and to help drive the take-up of DAB in the UK.

Both the BBC and commercial radio multiplex operators fund and support the DRDB.