MCBD uses Father's Day to target sons of Bell's whisky lovers

A father and son with over-sized chins feature in Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy's latest television campaign for Bell's whisky.

The 30-second spot is timed to coincide with Father's Day to target the grown-up sons of Bell's core whisky drinking market.

The ad shows a man at home reading a newspaper. The doorbell rings and his wife goes to let in the visitor, their son. As the son walks in, carrying a bottle of Bell's whisky, he is seen to have a huge chin. When his father looks up, he is seen to have an even larger chin. The strapline is: "This Father's Day give him something he won't pass on."

"We are aiming to appeal to a younger generation, adopting a more irreverent tone," Melissa Horn, the board account director on Bell's at MCBD, said.

The ad was art directed by Danny Hunt and written by Gavin Torrance.

The director was Oliver Ashton at Spectre.