McCann airs new Bacardi Breezer ad

High-spirited office colleagues frolic around dressed as angels and a devil in the latest Bacardi Breezer ad by McCann-Erickson.

In a continuation of the long-running "Latin spirit" campaign, unbeknown to their boss, the man and woman have two sides to their personalities, the everyday and the "Latin".

The spot called "new boss" opens with the pair being introduced to each other by their manager. He says: "Chris, this is Claire, she's going to be heading up your developments. She's going to whip this place into shape."

The scene cuts to the duo at a number of party settings and then running around the office with other colleagues dressed as angels and a devil.

The endline reads: "Bacardi Breezer. Latin spirit in every one. Please enjoy Bacardi Breezer in moderation."

Maurice Doyle, the commercial director at Bacardi-Martini, said: "We think the latest ad gives the campaign a really fresh new feel and should go a long way to re-establishing Breezer as a market leader."

McCann was dealt a blow back in September when Bacardi-Martini put the global advertising account for Bacardi Breezer, thought to be worth around £50 million, up for review.

The 30-second execution was written by Simon Welsh with art direction by Darren McKay. The director was Howard Greenhalgh through Exposure Films.

Media planning and buying was by Universal McCann. The ad will be broadcast initiallly in the UK but is also being considered for use in international markets.