McCann Bristol looks for young creatives with 'big balls'

McCann Bristol has created an online recruitment campaign that offers young creatives the chance to earn £100,000 in one month.

The light-hearted ad emphasises that the perfect candidate needs to have "big balls". The animation features sentences in white on a black background, with the occasional words in red.

It asks for people with the "balls to back yourself, balls that say 'I can create great work anywhere on any brief'".

The agency is looking for candidates with five years' experience.

The "" video explains that the salary of a top creative has been offered to give the candidate "a taste of the big time before you’ve earned it so you’ll want to keep earning it".

Paul Cottrell, the creative director at McCann Bristol, was in charge of the copywriting and art direction for the work. It was directed by Darren Finch and Steve Millington through Omni Productions.

It will be run on print and digital channels, and McCann plans to share the film on social media.

The competition is called 100k in one day in a playful nod to the small print in some advertising.