McCann creates £4m Snack Stop campaign

Nestle is challenging Batchelors' dominance of the pasta snack

category with a £4 million relaunch campaign for its Snack Stop


McCann-Erickson has developed an integrated campaign, climaxing in a TV

spot breaking next week, which uses the former strongman Geoff Capes in

a tongue-in-cheek attack on the idea of instant snacks. Capes fronts a

campaign calling on the British public to save the traditional takeaway

from the threat posed by potted snacks such as Snack Stop.

A 60-second TV spot, which breaks on a satellite schedule on 1

September, opens with Capes addressing the viewer from across the

counter of a typical East End chippie.

After introducing himself as "Geoff Capes, former athlete and

strongman", he talks, in hushed serious tones, of a tragedy being played

out on the high street. The introduction of nutritious pasta snacks

means that "the chips could be down for the traditional takeaway".

Marching past curry houses, kebab shops and Chinese takeaways, Capes

soliloquises on the cultural loss that this would represent.

The ad includes a campaign song "Don't Take Away my Takeaway", and a

slogan: "snack off Snack Stop!", which is emblazoned on the side of an

ice-cream van. The advertisement closes with a link to the campaign

website,, which has been developed by KLP Euro


Capes has spent the last month drumming up awareness of an undisclosed

threat to UK takeaways through a spoof campaign involving appearances in

The Sun, The Mirror, Loaded, Radio 5 Live and Radio 4. In addition

23,000 support packs including in-store posters have been sent to

takeaways around the country. Additional print and poster ads will break

alongside the TV spot this week.

"We wanted to create an event rather than a campaign," the

McCann-Erickson creative director, Luke White said. "We don't know what

the backlash will be when media people find they've been duped but we

hope it'll add to the exposure."

Batchelors has pushed the boundaries for risque advertising in the

category, most noticeably with the toilet-themed ad for the Super Noodle

Vindaloo brand, which broke in June.

Batchelors this year upped its spend on SuperNoodles to £5.2

million as it aims to defend its leadership of the sector. The brand

currently has a 66.7 per cent share of the £35.4 million savoury

noodles market.

"It's aimed at people who have just left home and are cooking for

themselves but can't be bothered to do it," White said of the Snack Stop


"It's providing an alternative to popping into the chippie on your way


The Snack Stop ads were written by Rick Chant and Barney Hobson and

directed by Steve Bendelack. The production company was Baby. Media

planning and buying was by Universal McCann.