McCanns chosen to promote bread as a healthy energy food

McCann-Erickson has been picked to run a campaign to rejuvenate static bread sales.

McCann-Erickson has been picked to run a campaign to rejuvenate

static bread sales.

A TV test commercial, starring Paul Whitehouse, the star of BBC 2’s the

Fast Show who recently featured in a campaign to boost milk consumption,

will go on air in the Yorkshire and Tyne Tees areas early next year

before a possible national roll-out.

A budget of more than pounds 500,000 has been earmarked for the test,

which will include a supporting radio campaign.

The initiative, the first of its kind for 15 years, comes from Bread for

Life, a subsidiary of the Flour Advisory Bureau, a promotional body

funded by the UK flour milling industry.

The campaign aims to capitalise on Government recommendations that

people should get more of their dietary energy requirements from complex

carbohydrate-rich foods and proportionally less from fat.

It takes place against a dramatic reduction of bread sales since the

war, partly as a result of changing consumer tastes, but also because of

rival snack products.

’We’ve been trying to get a campaign off the ground for some time,’ Alex

Bellinger, a Flour Advisory Bureau executive, said. ’We liked what we

saw from McCanns.’

The campaign will encourage people to eat an extra slice of bread a


John Murray, the Bread for Life director, said: ’The TV campaign is

intended to convey the value of bread as a healthy energy food.’

Filming of the commercial, in which Whitehouse will play one of his

comic characters, will begin shortly. Ben Langdon, the McCanns managing

director, said: ’The campaign is aimed at raising the food value of

bread using a distinctive character.’