McCanns targets pounds 18m Nescafe push at youth

Nescafe is to target a new generation of coffee drinkers in the

brand's first worldwide campaign through McCann-Erickson.

The pounds 18 million international push, aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds,

has been developed through the McCann-Erickson Worldgroup and will

include a global advertising campaign, a worldwide sponsorship deal with

MTV and a digital marketing drive.

The brand campaign, which breaks on 7 June, centres about the line, "one

thing leads to another", which seeks to position Nescafe as a catalyst

for life's experiences.

Four TV spots tell stories, through flashback sequences, that seek to

illustrate this point. One offers an explanation for the invention of

the famous "Mexican wave" at the 1986 World Cup. The ad flashes back to

a pair of spectators drinking Nescafe from a thermos flask. One spills

his drink, rises to his feet and makes history.

Another execution shows a man winning big at a Las Vegas fruit


A flashback to earlier in the day shows him drinking a cup of Nescafe

outside the casino doors as a glamorous woman arrives and, mistaking him

for a tramp, drops the winning coin into his paper cup.

The ads were directed by Vaughn Arnell, who won a Brit award for the

Robbie Williams video, Rock DJ.

The multimillion-pound MTV sponsorship deal will centre around Nescafe's

sponsorship of the MTV Video Awards and include an online


Supporting print executions show snapshots from other stories in which

Nescafe was an active ingredient.

The TV campaign was written by Matthew Cramp, Kelvin Tillinghast and

Toshikazu Kido. Art direction was by Tillinghast, Jeff Stuthons and

Tsutomu Mikami. The ads were produced by Godman. Media was through

Universal McCann.

A further flashback shows him collecting his drink from a Nescafe

vending machine.

Further ads explain that a Tibetan monk kisses the lipstick marks on a

mug of Nescafe because a beautiful girl has drunk from it, and a man

plays twister with natives on a desert island after escaping from a

plane in difficulties.

A Nescafe Live website and Nescafe Pod web communications system will

provide an online presence for the campaign.