McCann's work for Nescafe Gold Blend ditches romance for girl power

McCann-Erickson has made girl power the theme behind its latest TV

spot for Nescafe Gold Blend - supplanting its famous romantic trysts

with the antics of independent young women.

Two new 30-second spots, which form part of an annual £5 million

spend, attempt to celebrate women with the use of humour.

The campaign, which breaks on 20 August, uses the strapline "one thing

leads to another" to suggest that anything could happen over a cup of


In "opening" a group of good-looking young people are attending a

gallery opening. A young woman, holding a cup of Gold Blend, spies an

artist at the other side of the room.

She takes a sip of coffee and, suddenly inspired, grabs a lasso from

nowhere, snares her man and drags him across the floor to her feet. It

transpires that it was all a daydream. A whispered voiceover says: "The

fresh taste and aroma of Nescafe Gold Blend. Inspiring stuff."

It was written by Matt Crabtree and art directed by Simon Hepton. It was

directed by Andy Morahan through Harry Nash. Media buying is through

Universal McCann.

Ben Langdon, the chairman and chief executive of McCann-Erickson, said:

"Young women today live in a world of infinite possibilities. The new

Nescafe Gold Blend campaign recognises their lifestyle and celebrates

their confidence."

Vanessa Goff, the category marketing manager for Nescafe Gold Blend,

commented: "The new advertising creative really celebrates the fact that

women are empowered and inspired. I am sure that young women throughout

the country will be able to relate to all the situations that arise

during the campaign and share the joke."