McDonald's to ditch supersize fizzy pop and French fries

LONDON - McDonald's is to ditch its 'supersize' option in the UK later this year in the latest move by the fast food giant to respond to fears about the spread of obesity.

The decision affects soft drinks and French fries portions, which diners can buy in a 50% bigger size for only a little more money than the large portion. Supersize will be phased out in December.

The phasing out follows a similar move in the US to drop the option from the menu. In a statement McDonald's said that it did not advertise supersize products on a national basis and that sales represented less than 0.1% of total sales.

"We review our menu on an ongoing basis to ensure our food and service experience meets our customers' expectations and as such have been phasing out supersize over the last 12 months," it said.

McDonald's has made a number of moves to improve the range of its menu to give diners the option of healthier food other than its traditional burgers and fries fare. It now offers salads, milk and water, as well as fresh fruit.

Earlier this year a documentary called 'Super Size Me', which was being shopped around at the Sundance Film Festival, garnered worldwide headlines. It told the story of what happened when a fit, healthy man in his thirties decided to eat only McDonald's for one month.

In that space of time, the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, gained 25 pounds in weight and said that he was depressed, plagued with headaches and had lost his libido. Doctors discovered that his liver function was impaired and that his cholesterol rose dramatically during the experiment.

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