McDonald's to expand healthy food and cut salt levels

LONDON - McDonald's is to introduce a new range of healthy foods and cut the levels of salt in some of its products, as further steps to avoid criticism for fuelling the problem of obesity.

According to a report in the Sunday Express, the company is to unveil a new range of foods called Salad Plus, to include salads, fruit and wraps, backed by a £75m investment that will include extensive advertising in the run-up to Euro 2004.

In a separate report in The Observer, McDonald's is said to be taking a number of steps to cut the levels of salt in a number of menu items. This will include cutting the amount of salt in the oil in which food is fried and the seasoning in the burgers and ketchup. The newspaper also reports that a special saltshaker has been designed to regulate the amount of salt sprinkled on to a portion of fries.

However, the reduced salt levels come after a dispute between McDonald's in the UK and its Illinois-based parent company, which had initially warned British executives not to mess with the formula of the food.

Only last week McDonald's revealed that it is to cease selling supersize options of French fries and fizzy pop at the end of the year.

With falling sales and criticism from anti-globalism and health campaigners, McDonald's has seen falling sales in recent years. But the fast food chain is fighting back with its first global advertising push "I'm lovin' it" and moves to respond to the concerns of health campaigners.

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