McDonald's highlights its golden arches

McDonald's is rolling out the third phase of its ad campaign to remind people "There's a McDonald's for everyone".

The new campaign, "Golden Arches Beacon", which breaks tomorrow (9 October), includes a 60- and a 40-second ad, created by Leo Burnett.

The ads show people from different walks of life having difficult car journeys. A couple are seen having an argument in a car, while a coach carries glum-looking football supporters whose team have just lost a match.

A man also looks upset when his convertible car's roof won't go up in the rain.

Their situations improve however, when they get a glimpse of McDonald's golden arches and pull in for something to eat. The voiceover explains: "There's a McDonald’s for everyone."

Posters will feature iconic McDonald's products with straplines that tap into why people love the restaurant, such as "Fries – tall, blond and gorgeous", "Big Mac – the two and only" and "Drive Thru – mirror, signal, McDonald's".