McDonald's "Inner child" by Leo Burnett

McDonald's Christmas campaign encourages the British public to embrace their inner child this festive season.

The ad follows an animated teenager (Tom) as he begrudgingly wades through Christmas traditions with his mum, including hanging decorations and visiting a Christmas market.

However, after the pair stop by McDonald’s to pick up some Reindeer Treats (otherwise known as carrots), Tom finally listens to his inner child and gets into the Christmas spirit. 

It will launch on Sunday (15 November) during I’m a Celebrity on ITV, alongside video on demand and social activity. The work was created by Steph Ellis and Rory Hall, and directed by Againstallodds through Passion Pictures. Media is handled by OMD.

Last year’s Christmas ad, "Archie the reindeer", followed a young girl and her pet "reindeer" as they celebrated the festive season.


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