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McDonald's McTrax invites diners to play with interactive musical placemats

McDonald's gave its customers a surprise, creating an interactive musical placemat for its latest campaign in The Netherlands.

McDonald’s has upped its A-game to attract a millennial audience through technology and music.


Introducing McDonald’s McTrax, this simple yet innovative creation transforms a mere paper placemat into a full music production tool. Users cleverly interact with the system via their smartphones through conductive ink and Bluetooth technology.

A brand known for its playful approach to dining with the infamous Happy Meal toys and play areas, the fast-food giant upped their A-game, in an effort to attract a millennial audience through technology and music.

Created by Dutch creative agency TBWA\Neboko, the product encourages customers to download the app in order to make tunes through synths and audio samples, transforming a quick burger stop into an engaging experience that keeps consumers in restaurants for longer.

The video follows groups of teenagers as they get to grips with the board, kickstarting their creativity. With the ability to add your own rap on top of a beat, as well as silently tinkering away in private, McTrax appeals to large social groups, as well as the individual consumer grabbing a bite on their own.

So well done McDonald’s McTrax. Its call out to the tech savvy consumer through a playful and innovative approach has managed to transform the most mundane object into a source of entertainment.