McDonald's unveils healthy options for new Happy Meals

LONDON - McDonald's has unveiled healthy new options for customers to choose as part of their Happy Meal with the fast-food giant describing the changes as the new 'Happy Meal Experience'.

McDonald's unveils healthy options for new Happy Meals

Changes in the UK will see the introduction of organic milk as an option for Happy Meals.

McDonald's is also planning to introduce magazines for mothers and colouring materials for kids in some restaurants in the UK as it debuts new packaging created by the Birmingham-based design agency Boxer.

Other new products worldwide include: Fish McDippers in Japan; toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and sultanas in Australia; and McFruit drinks and yoghurt in Brazil. The items are being positioned as healthy alternatives to traditional Happy Meal options, such as fries, burgers and fizzy pop.

The new packaging features bold graphics, puzzles and games, and images of children playing sports and having fun with friends as part of McDonald's efforts to promote an active lifestyle.

McDonald's says the new Happy Meal Experience will be phased into restaurants around the world throughout 2004.

Larry Light, global chief marketing officer at McDonald's, said: "The new Happy Meal Experience is part of our Rolling Energy global marketing calendar, which unites our countries behind key efforts to support our icon products and major initiatives. By leveraging our resources, talent and infrastructure in this way, we can deliver an outstanding restaurant experience to our customers worldwide."

McDonald's is reacting to the growing problem of obesity by changing its menu and dropping supersize options, amid speculation that fast food companies could become the subject of class lawsuits in the way the tobacco industry has.

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