McVitie's launches 'cutest ever' ad in first Christmas campaign for 32 years

United Biscuits-owned McVitie's has launched the "cutest ever Christmas ad", making up for lost time as it's the first Christmas ad in more than three decades for its Victoria selection box.

McVitie's Victoria: unveils Christmas campaign
McVitie's Victoria: unveils Christmas campaign

The ad created by Grey London opens with a family falling asleep in front of the TV at Christmas, until the father suggests opening a box of McVitie’s Victoria.

The family perks when the father suggests opening a box of McVitie’s Victoria. A number of adorable animals appear from the pack, including an Alaskan Malamute puppy, a micro piglet and a duckling.

The animals appear one by one and join in a festive version of 'Only You' by Yazoo. The ad has been dubbed "the cutest ever Christmas ad" by the Mail Online.

McVitie’s said it has invested more than £1 million into the ad, which will air this evening on E4, and run for three weeks.

The 60-second spot builds on the McVitie’s "sweeet" ad campaign launched in February in a bid to modernise the brand.

Holly Newton, the creative director at Grey London, took charge of art direction and copywriting for the ad. It was directed by Randy Krallman through Smuggler. The media company was MEC.

Speaking before a press preview of the ad on Tuesday, Sarah Heynen, the sweet biscuits marketing director at UB, said: "The last time that McVitie’s ran a Christmas ad was 32 years ago.

"What we wanted to do was really build on the role that McVitie’s plays throughout the year, and bring that feeling to Christmas.

"We wanted to create a really distinctive execution that would stand out from the crowd of all the other Christmas ads.

"We also wanted to spread the word that we believe that McVitie’s Victoria is simply the best chocolate biscuit assortment around, and especially great when you get together with family and friends at Christmas."

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