Media Awards 2010: Best Grocery, Soft Drinks and Household Campaign

Title: BRUzil
Duration period: May 2010-July 2010
Media agency: PHD North
Media director: Jason Spencer
Account director/media planner: Lorraine Jones
Creative agencies: Leith, Blonde, Burt Greener
Creative directors: Ed Brooke (Leith), Phil Adams (Blonde), Lorna Burt
(Burt Greener)
Account director: Lorraine Jones
Account planners: Ed Brooke (Leith), Phil Adams (Blonde), Lorna Burt
(Burt Greener)
Client: AG Barr
Brand/product: Irn-Bru
Marketing director: Adrian Troy
Media/brand managers: Hamish Thomson, Martin Steele

Irn-Bru might not be able to match the marketing budget of some of its carbonated soft drink rivals, but it scored considerable press coverage and sales uplift with its World Cup activity in Scotland this summer, created by PHD North.

Rather than see the fact that Scotland had not qualified for the World Cup finals as a hindrance, PHD North, working with Irn-Bru's other agencies, put it at the heart of the campaign, which encouraged Scots to improve the footballing gene pool by mating with Brazilians.

As well as a television campaign, tactical activity included a press trip to Brazil, "lonely hearts" ads in the Brazilian press, an aeroplane banner flying over Copacabana Beach asking Brazilians to help Scots create a magical football team, and a website that generated potential names for any "BRU-zilian" offspring.

Sales rose by 8 per cent following the campaign, which also generated great press coverage and web traffic for the brand.