Media Awards 2010: Best Retail and Home Shopping Campaign

Title: A Social Success
Duration period: February 2010-ongoing
Media agency: Arena Quantum
Media director: Dan Clays
Account directors/media planners: Laura Langthorne, William Bonaddio
Creative agency: n/s
Creative director: n/s
Account directors: Laura Langthorne, William Bonaddio
Account planner: n/s
Client: Domino's Pizza
Brand/product: Domino's Pizza
Marketing director: Simon Wallis
Media/brand manager: n/s

Domino's Pizza wanted to capitalise on its loyal online customer base, who are more likely to make repeat purchases than those who phone or drop in for pizzas.

It harnessed social media to achieve this, creating the concept of Domino's Superfans on Facebook, and also developing a "social affiliate" widget that would deliver a cash payment to any website owner delivering sales to Domino's via the ad.

More than 5,000 people have downloaded the widget and nearly £30,000 worth of sales have been delivered by people using it. Domino's Pizza has seen its Facebook fanbase rise from around 6,000 to more than 38,000 in only four months, and revenue originating from Facebook users has rocketed.

Title: Morrisons - Let's Grow
Duration period: 19 October 2009-ongoing
Media agency: MEC
Media director: Sarah Heyworth
Account directors/media planners: Ann Wixley, Chantal Rutherford Browne
Creative agency: DLKW Lowe
Creative directors: Frank Houston, George Priest
Account directors: Ann Wixley, Chantal Rutherford Browne
Account planner: Sandya Piyasena
Client: Morrisons
Brand/product: Brand campaign and community engagement programme - Let's
Marketing director: Michael Bates
Media/brand manager: Vinney Ashurst

Morrisons is well known for offering good value, but wanted to draw new customers into its stores, as well as increase sales, by promoting its fresh food offer.

Tapping into the growing interest in food production, the idea of Let's Grow was developed. It featured vouchers for school kits, to help children grow their own fruit and vegetables, and harnessed the support of teachers and schools.

Backing the campaign was the TV show Farm Camp, commissioned for CITV, showing city kids on a working farm.

A total of 39 million vouchers were redeemed during the launch phase, and an estimated 1.73 million additional shopping trips have been made to Morrisons.