Media Awards 2010: Cross-Media Sales Team of the Year - Global Radio

Global Radio has been named the Cross-Media Sales Team of the Year after impressing judges with the breadth and quality of its efforts this year.

With a background of a fragmented media marketplace, Global wanted to look outside of traditional radio to compete for the budgets of other media.

In its previous incarnations as GCap, Chrysalis and GWR, advertising solutions were built around the strengths of radio. Global's vision was different. It wanted to maximise the strengths of its brands - regardless of the medium required - leading to the creation of a genuine cross-media operation.

But the company realised that coming up with advertising solutions for clients wasn't the hardest part of the equation. Most media owners can come up with good ideas. What Global set out to do was to create a "one-stop shop" that went beyond "just an idea" and demonstrated a shared responsibility with clients on delivering the best solution with the right Global brand in the most effective way - whatever the medium.

To achieve this, it devised a three-point plan. First, break new ground with cross-media campaigns that used the strengths of Global's brands. Second, be better than its competitors at delivering genuine cross-media solutions. And, finally, show a strong contribution to its profits by reaching out to access non-radio media budgets.

The breadth of the campaigns was huge: nearly 600 campaigns over a 12-month period.

But the quality also impressed judges. Highlights included the work for the Xbox singing game Lips, in which thousands of people got involved in a roadshow and recorded themselves singing in the hope that they would be included in a video for the Lily Allen single The Fear.

Global was also instrumental in the successful launch of Microsoft's search engine Bing, creating a campaign that took in radio, web and mobile, and saw Bing sponsoring Global's coverage of The X Factor. Hundreds of thousands of people entered a competition and a huge number of page impressions were delivered for Bing.

It also worked on a campaign for The Sunday Times, promoting the newspaper's high-calibre and diverse content. Using the Global brand Classic FM, celebrities were interviewed to create content under The Life Lounge banner that could be used on Classic FM's and The Sunday Times' websites as well as iTunes. The campaign helped The Sunday Times boost its weekly circulation significantly.

Global's hard work has succeeded in attracting impressive revenue from cross-media deals, not only meeting the goal of demonstrating a strong profit contribution but also wowing its clients and the Campaign Media Awards judges.


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