Radio highly active

Radio highly active

Commercial radio was the fastest growing advertising medium in the first

quarter of 1996. Its share of display advertising grew by 12.5% to 4.5%,

according to the Radio Advertising Bureau’s quarterly survey.

Olympic winner

Coca-Cola has the highest awareness of the British Olympic Team’s

sponsors. Coke had 31% awareness in CIA MediaLab’s Sensor survey, while

Kodak had 10% and Adidas 9%.

Disney on the air

The Disney Channel is to run an editorially-led promotion on Virgin

Radio to promote the launch of its Home Improvement programme. The

promotion was devised by Unique Broadcasting and will air during the

week starting August 5.

NBC sales boom

Pan-European broadcaster NBC has doubled its advertising sales revenue

since 1995. The number of brand advertisers on air increased by 50% in

the first half of 1996.

Hello! card trick

Hello! magazine is launching its own Visa credit card through NWS Bank.

It will be called The Exclusive Card and will be tailored to Hello!

readers. A gift scheme will offer branded products from some of the

magazine’s advertisers, including Estee Lauder and Lanc™me.

WP up for auction

Three bidders have lined up to buy Pearson’s Westminster Press division.

They are the Mirror-Independent partnership, regional newspaper company

Newsquest and venture capital group Cinven.

Music lessons

Classic FM is developing a new series of Masterclass programmes in a

joint venture with the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority to

give support to teachers and music students.