Dough changes hands

Dough changes hands

Specialist publisher Crier Publications has bought European Baker from

Emap MacLaren for an undisclosed sum. The bimonthly magazine was

launched in 1994.

Society warning

The Newspaper Society has said the government’s plans to relax cross-

media ownership restrictions do not go far enough to allay the fears of

regional newspaper groups.

Ads on the buses

Outdoor media company TDI has been awarded advertising rights to 1600

buses in the West Midlands. All regional and local sales were previously

handled by West Midlands Travel subsidiary, Penn Outdoor Media.

IPC expands

IPC is expanding its dedicated new-media publishing department. Jonathan

Newby has been appointed publishing director, Colin Tough is editor-in-

chief and Jeremy Hughes is IT manager.

Interaction action

The Cambridge interactive television trial has been expanded so viewers

involved can access enhanced Teletext services. Pages from Teletext come

via an on-line set-top box which removes the delay terrestrial Teletext


Kids take over TV

Children are having an ever greater say in which programmes they watch,

according to Caroline Bell, head of research at GMTV. Children are

increasingly likely to have a TV in their own room, and minimal parental

interference, she says in a Zenith Media report.

HTV licence bid

HTV has become the first ITV company to open its campaign for a licence

renewed in 1999. It aims to get the pounds 22m it pays the Treasury each

year cut by half.