Media buyers up in arms over plans to raise Indie ad rates

The Independent is involved in a dispute with media agencies over planned hikes in its advertising rates.

Citing the success of its compact edition, The Independent has told agencies that it plans to increase display prices on its Monday to Friday edition by 12.5 per cent.

Another bone of contention is its argument that advertisers pay 70 per cent of the full-page broadsheet rate for a full-page ad in the compact edition.

Some agencies are resisting this, claiming that they are being asked to pay a premium for a space that is half the size of a full broadsheet page.

At least one agency plans to pull full-page ads from The Independent's compact edition and is threatening to take the newspaper off its schedules.

The disputes arose after the paper's commercial director, Lawrie Procter, led an Independent "roadshow" around agencies ahead of the launch of its Saturday compact edition this weekend.

An agency source said: "I'm not going to let my clients' money fund The Independent's compact experiment."

However, The Independent can argue that its December sales increased by 13 per cent year on year to 205,303, in an attempt to justify the increase in the cost of adspace.

Procter was unavailable for comment.