Media: Chatter

"What it is trying to do is get people to watch it, because it thinks it is going to shock them. I don't think it is the duty of the BBC to do that." - The Tory Party deputy leader, Michael Ancram, attacks the BBC's decision to show Jerry Springer: The Opera

"I think we have a perception issue. Big Brother is polarising. People who don't like Big Brother and reality tend to dominate perceptions." - Channel 4's chief executive, Andy Duncan, worries the prejudices of politicians and journalists are preventing an appreciation of the range of its programming

"We don't believe it's likely to cause distress or association with that event. Surfing hasn't stopped worldwide, has it?" - A Seat spokeswoman offers a sensitive explanation for refusing to pull TV and poster advertising for its Toledo model, through Grey, which depicts a sumo wrestler riding a huge wave. But Seat finally relented and pulled the ads after complaints from viewers following the Asian tsunami.